Which social media platform do you prefer?

Which, out of the following, would you choose as your go-to social media platform?
(If choosing ‘other’, then please specify what it is in the comment section below)

  • Twitter
  • Reddit
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • TikTok
  • Other

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I am mainly on Hive as it has a good community and also earns me crypto every day. I’ve been on there nearly 4 years now as I joined Steem early on. For those who don’t know Steem’s parent company was taken over by Justin Sun (of Tron) and he was too heavy-handed, so the witnesses forked a new blockchain as Hive. My Wirex card has been useful for buying Hive and spending it as I just convert to Litecoin.

It would be good to see Wirex using their Hive account again, but communitymanager was not the most obvious name.

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I voted for Twitter, but would like to add Reddit is actually a fantastic platform as well.

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Keep a look out for @juntofoundation built on Holochain, it’s coming and it’s coming fast .

Wow, wasn’t expecting that result! Very interesting as I’m a social media marketer :smiley: Thank you!

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There is missing option: Nothing

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i use only Telegram :joy: :joy:

nah seriously i am not in any social media platform, i don’t like GAFAM because of their lack of security…

Maybe if we can find à correct decentralised/honest social media platform it will be cool, cuz GAFAM/Twitter got too many bad things on them, i can’t trust em anymore.
and i don’t know TikTok (isn’t it chinese ?)