Who wants to be a Satoshi Millionaire?_

(Disclaimer: Data shown in the creative has been collected on the 27th August 2020. Data source for the average UK household spending can be found here . Exchange rates are accurate as of the 27th August 2020.)

Did you know you could earn 5.3 million satoshis a year just by using your Wirex card for your everyday spending? Becoming a (satoshi) millionaire has never been easier.

Read on for some tips and tricks to help you accelerate your satoshi earnings.

  • Pay by Wirex. This one’s easy - make sure your Wirex card is your go-to spending card for all your in-store purchases. Whether you’re in the supermarket, taking the train or buying your mum a birthday present - pay by Wirex to reap the bitcoin rewards.

  • Become a WXT holder. If you don’t already, owning WXT is a simple way of unlocking a number of exclusive benefits, including even higher Cryptoback™️ rates! If you’ve already got some, try increasing your WXT amount to reach the next level of benefits. Details of each level and its rewards can be found HERE.

  • Get your friends involved. Refer your friends to Wirex and you’ll be rewarded in satoshis! And so will they, for that matter. So start spreading the word.

  • Use Wirex for big purchases. Got to replace the fridge? Finally treating yourself to that expensive watch? Pay with your Wirex card to earn the bitcoin big bucks. The more you spend, the more satoshis you see filling up your BTC account…

See? With Wirex, anyone can be a (satoshi) millionaire. So if you haven’t already - take your Wirex card out and start stacking those sats.


Want more motivation to start spending? Be one of the first 100 Wirexers to make your first transaction within the next seven days and you’ll win a whopping 20 USD in BTC!

Hurry, you haven’t got long…


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:raised_hands: The best thing is when you pay with wirex card, cryptoback is instantly