Who want's to be a Wirex Warrior?


Are we really this bad?

Who can provide thier own experiences using our service?


I’ll gladly be a WireX Warrior!! :slight_smile:


You already are! You are one of my favourite wirex customers; especially for the contribution you made in our Webinar.

Your experience is of value to us; if you’d like to review your experience using our service; please leave some feedback of your experience here:


The Belgian WireX Warriors :slight_smile:

Would make a great T-shirt


I do!
btw, the updated wirex status on trustpilot - 106 votes / 4 Stars


It’s thanks to people like yourself!


I actually think the WirexApp is really user friendly. It does do what it says (normally). The visa issue cannot be blamed on the Wirex team.
However, the new cards need to be issued ASAP. At the moment all the ap offers is a bitcoin wallet!
The new cards and account features look promising but patience is wearing thin. This dip in bitcoin price will not last much longer and the fact I cannot use the WirexApp to buy bitcoin is annoying.
Hoping for a great product when the new cards are issued.