Why am I being logged on ALL the time!?


I login on my desktop and you keep logging me out. It doesnt even go a minute and then you log me out!! What are you doing!!??

I had faith in the Wirex app because it has been working for me in the past. You were also available in the chat before but now that is closed. But reading all the stories of people who lost their money in here I have now started to distrust you. Especially since I am being logged out ALL the time too.

You have also closed the chat so it only have the bot options left!! I wont ask like someone else did to open chat support up again since you have clearly closed that on purpose. So, no trust is what those things have led to now, all I trust now is CASH. Banks, Wirex or whatever digital is all unreliable to say the least!!

Control is in my hand with CASH, this is all rubbish.

I have recommeded Wirex to my friends lately but I will now tell them to stay away instead.
I wouldnt dare to put more than tiny amounts on here. There is no banks or apps that it is possible to trust anylonger, sad but true!

I was going to ask about the notification to load my Wirex with paypal since I got that suggestion to do so (within the app). But when I clicked the link I only get to the dashboard?? And there is nothing about paypal at all, so why am I getting notifications to do so??

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Hi @mix624! Could you please clarify if you’ve submitted a request to our Support Team? If yes, please provide us with the reference ticket number, if no - please use the following link: Wirex | Making currencies equal and available to everyone Note, you should use the email linked to your Wirex account. Thank you in advance!