Why can’t I add funds to my card

Why can’t I add funds to my Wirex card is not showing me where to add funds on my account and I have sent you guys mails


I have the same issue. just realised today when I wanted to get some bargains online. now I fear I may miss out on these savings.

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I have been writing them but still no ans and I don’t know what to do. Need get Christmas things for the family. Have you mail them?

I now also can’t add any money to my card. Wirex is now my main bank and this leaves me at a predicament as I needed to do food shopping today and haven’t been able to go shopping with my Wirex card.

Please help me, is there any way I can get money into my card with the hour as most shops close by then.

Many thanks in advance

I have emailed also

Hello it says I am £1081 in debt in my card but I haven’t done that amount please check and contact me ASAP pls it won’t allow me to add funds to our card

The funny thing now is they don’t have a phone no because there mail is not working they don’t ans or chat you up. Very much upset about this

It’s a madness today I don’t know what’s going on

Yes I try spending the card now in KFC it didn’t let me and kids want to eat. Those anyone have phone no for them

Is your account in minus ?

No I have £1000 and I just add money there but the money is not yet on the account

Ok I understand well mine is same thing but says I’m in minus I Hope Wirex come in the office and sort this today @Anastasiia_Wirex @Wirex

I am also having this problem, I thought it would be because I had entered details incorrectly when I first registered. At the moment I am now trying to get to know how to use this app so that I can earn trust levels that will unlock at particular stages of when I get more familiar with this app. I am currently at level1. I hope by me doing this I will get use to this app and also open new areas to the app for me to see how I can keep myself safe and also my money and/crypto. At first I was upset that I could not add funds to get me some crypto but I have realised after reading through here with wirex literatureand other people’s comments that I should really be patient and learn to safely use the service. I hope I am able to put payments into my wirex account as my levels go up.
Warm regards.
J Mihinui

Hi there, if any are having issues at any time please don’t hesitate to either check out the support category here in the community forum…

Or you can create a support ticket via this link here…

Thank you

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