Why should I upgrade my account with high exchange rate

As the WXT market price already increase about 0.02 USD per WXT. So if I would like to upgrade my account to premium, I nees spend 999 WXT, which cost about 20USD, previous 10 USD. With same % rewards on transaction. Exchange rate increase will cost the rewards reduced.

If the upgrade price to 9.9SGD, so should calculated with exchange rate. There is no reason for setting 0.01 based assumption

So I will discontinue the subscription next month due to I unable to get the 20USD rewards to cover my update cost.

Could be a good time to invest in WXT… the plans earn interest that can pay for the subscription plus to me WXT seems very cheap still. Look at some of the similar company tokens. 10x or more :star_struck: good luck

You can earn the interest if you owned 600,000 Wirex Token for premium account