Why we are no longer taking Customer Support requests on Telegram 🚫

As of Friday, November 29th, we will no longer be taking any customer support requests via Telegram.

We’ve made this decision based on the feedback of our community, the number of scammers on Telegram, combined with our concern over security. So far, this announcement has been received well and users are shifting to our new and improved dedicated forum!

Anyone that messages you first on Telegram claiming to be associated with Wirex is a scammer.

Wirex nor our affiliates will ever ask for any money or cryptocurrency to be sent to a third party bank account or wallet address and all such websites, people, pages and communications should be treated as scams. Please report and block them immediately.

This new and improved dedicated forum will be a place to ask all your questions, chat, get help, latest news and discuss everything about Wirex.

Onwards and upwards!
The Wirex team


totally agree :raised_hands:


Glad to hear it and thanks for your support!