Why WXT is not spendable?

It is eth and stellar why it don’t be using for payment if it been created for been payment m???

I love store wxt but also spend and every time may do illogical exchange when other coin I spend direct but native not. It is paradox.

If you make X-Wxt account it would be secure store locked wxt in X-account and the rest in account would be spendable wallet m…

And voila Nereus is Wirex.

But not because withdraw is instant liquid so you can’t add locking features.

X-earn X-lock X-stake X-mixer X-game

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Hello @Oleg_Levchuk, please be informed that crypto accounts can be linked to a Wirex card in the EEA region, and be used for payments. Regards!

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Also WXT?

WXT is DeFi token like others coin in app why it is not soedanble without manual exchange?

@Oleg_Levchuk, WXT is the Wirex platform’s native currency, a universal token extensively used within and outside Wirex platform, representing a universal fee and reward unit. Due to the certain benefits that depend on the WXT wallet’s monthly balance, as well as due to the fact that the subscription fee is being charged from the WXT wallet, linking the WXT account to the Wirex card is not technically possible as it may lead to the balance decreasing and cause certain confusion.

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The solution like that, there are x-tras account and Wxt wallet. If I want wxt on x-tras i deposit it in x-tras account if I don’t want that my wxt produce me interest and considering the fact that I want spend it i stake it on wxt account that is connected on card.
The solution is easy that you describe me above.

Are you serious? it is ibrid payment token used in DeFi finance so it is a payment. This wxt token would be financially advertised with 12%apr to buy so is valor is significant to be consider as payment so I ask and w8 see Wxt linked to MasterCard in any way that don’t take more to 5 min to copy and paste something that already exist.

!WXT_LINKED_TO_MASTERCARD how many w8 this already 450 days only me???

Wxt been using as payment when Wirex invested wxt as money on Nereus. Wxt are money we all buy wxt so put euro for wxt. Please update this part on unclear situation for not paying tax.

Wxt is E-money :skull:

This free campaign give money to who don’t had nothing on we are altruist but with certain support limit. Common with this wxt new DeFiNition

Hello @Oleg_Levchuk, unfortunately, we are not planning to add the option to link WXT to a Wirex card.

So you plan Defi-Nereus-wirexwallet-paybywirex but not make finals your E-mone like are other doing so Revolut adding spendable his own token. I hope that you are right.

So Wxt don’t be an E-moon so we don’t had to buy it