Why you need a Wirex Mastercard in your life

Haven’t got your Wirex Mastercard yet? Here are a few reasons why you should order your card today.

Cryptoback ™ rewards in-store and online

Thanks to our new rewards programme, X-tras, you can now claim Cryptoback™ rewards wherever you spend. Doing a spot of online shopping? Why not earn some free WXT in the process?

Spend crypto in real life

Always wanted to buy breakfast with bitcoin? Now you can. The Wirex Mastercard lets you seamlessly spend cryptocurrency in your day-to-day life - at unbeatable live OTC rates.

Free international ATM withdrawals

Withdraw up to £400, wherever you are, with no fees. That’s a whole lot of cash.

No monthly fees

Monthly fees are a thing of the past. Now you can use the payment platform of the future for free.

Send money to contacts

Transferring money can be a pain. With Wirex, you can send money quickly and easily to anyone in your contact list. No bank details, no hassle.

Unlimited fee-free FX

We believe money should be borderless. That’s why we’re giving you free foreign exchange (FX) on all fiat currencies, with no fees or hidden charges.

Don’t forget, you need to verify your account before you can order your card. Once it arrives, all you’ve got to do is activate it in your Wirex app before you can take it out for a spin.


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