Why you should hold WXT

The real question is, are you getting enough out of your Wirex account? Chances are, if you’re reading this the answer might be no. But never fear, we’re here to tell you all about the wonderful world of WXT and all the goodies you can gain from holding it.

Currently Wirex cardholders get 0.5% Cryptoback™ in Satoshis (a unit of a Bitcoin) when making transactions in stores. But what if we told you that you could earn up to a whopping 1.5% just by increasing the balance in your WXT account?

We introduced Cryptoback™ so that our customers could benefit and earn satoshis while they spend on in-store purchases. We don’t know about you, but getting free perks is right up our street! Furthermore, it is also a quicker way of getting into the crypto game without all the tedious red tape and off-boarding issues characteristic of conventional exchange platforms. That’s why, when we rolled out our native Wirex token, we wanted to enhance those perks and add a few extras to sweeten the deal.

Quite simply put, the more you hold, the more perks you get. And how much is that I hear you ask? Well, here you go…

That means you can gain access to discounts of up to 100% on a range of fees and charges if you hold 500,000 WXT. This includes all exchange fees such as bank transfer fees, withdrawal fees (crypto transfers) and top up via credit/debit card also vanish! It’s almost like we are paying you to use our service! Almost.

So what are you waiting for?! Unlock your new supercharged life with Wirex.

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is there any plan to release premium cards?

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We are working on a few things so stay tuned!

Not to be horrible here but there seem to be a lack of progress. I keep getting spammed with the same email about referrals and crypto back but I dont get any communication regarding company progress.
Its seems at this time that there is a very little value in holding wxt.
Your wirex app is designed for anyone to loose money if they purchase token and are willing to sell it moment later as the price is automatically lowered straight after purchase.

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Hi there M_G, I’m sorry to hear that. As per my last comment to you, we do have things in the pipeline. Some in fact, scheduled for the near future.

In regards to how much you hold in WXT, will correlate to how much rewards/benefits you can receive, which is all stated above, so there is value in it.

In regards to the emails that you are getting would you like those to stop coming to you?
Thank you

Personal opinion , the wxt token is not designed to be bought and sold immediately. There is always a spread- that’s reality here and on all exchanges .
You buy and hold the wxt token when you understand the system.
1% crypto back is a lot more than 0.25%.
Plus the reduction in fees while buying crypto is a lot- 50%.
It saved me a lot of money when buying thousands of dollars of DAI at a time…

I agree I would like to receive updates on,
Progression on the premium accounts
Actual company development news
Progress towards having the banking details for the fiat accounts (deposit / withdraw) WXT staking would be good, earn wxt interest for holding wxt.

There was an update on facebook and not emailed about about the reduced fee buying in app with your card? That should be a push message direct to app users or emailed direct to users… ? @Ali_Wirex


Dear fellow Wirex users and WXT investors:

I’m a loyal user with Wirex for years, have been with the company since the unbranded black card days.

When Wirex released WXT token for membership-sort of perks, I participated in the first sale when WXT=0.01 cents, where I made some money, then I bought substantial amount at the peak price of 0.035 cents too, which contributed to an overall loss.

I agree with having a flexible credit or membership system that we can use to save fees, but if WXT can be listed on a NASDAQ-like exchange, and being traded and speculated like a stock, is it a security, rather than credit for perks?

Is this kind of token/security registered and approved by FCA? Do Wirex and FCA know that consumers could lose money when buying WXT credits at hight prices?

As a user, a consumer, or a retail investor, my right should be respected and these oversights should be addressed. So I’d ask Wirex company for an answer, and I call on fellow community members who suffered loss from it to join me.

This is I think is not about the money, but about our rights and what is right.

Anyone who’s willing to help out, plz email me@ javert880810@gmail.com or comment below or private message me @pj_1988 on telegram.

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Hi there PJ, thank you for writing your concerns to us. Please know that WXT is a utility token that solely works within the Wirex ecosystem. The value of the WXT token is not linked to performance of Wirex nor is ownership gained of the company by holding onto it. It is subject to the market movements on the OKEx exchange. Therefore, buying WXT is not the same as buying stock, equity within Wirex. When a company creates a utility token, it means that it is essentially creating a form of a digital voucher that can be claimed for discounted fees or special access to a product or service in the future. Unlike security tokens, utility tokens are not used as investments. Therefore WXT should never be looked at as an investment. Holding on to WXT allows you to unlock certain features. These include discounts on fees (which could be up to 100%) as well as enhanced Cryptoback™️ of up to 1.5%. We are also working on a few more features in the near future which can only be attained if holding WXT. I trust this helps ease your concerns. However, please don’t hesitate to get in touch again if you have further questions. Thank you and all the best.

Just want to touch on my last post.
I have created an account with crypto com to see what does the competition looks like(since they are entering European market)

They also have their token and boy oh boy their platform and token utilisation is on a different level.
Lending,asset interest and so on. Why is wirex still stuck with the same ridiculously outdated model with no new features,malfunctioning app and below average marketing with the same email being send on weekly basis.
I really want wirex to do well but its hard when I see that other competition (SwissBorg) killing it out there.

Whats going on? No progress,no news .


We’ll see … maybe the WXT is just picking up for the “highway” so toll…:thinking::pensive:

Be good and positive going forward :four_leaf_clover:

I rather like the free Netflix you get with crypto com and it costs nothing. You just have to hold their coins for 6 months and you get it for life

Does the holding of WXT still impart reduced fees and xtra percs? Or has the concept of holding WXT been replaced by the new price plan structure?

Hi there @Fenris so sorry in my delayed response. The new subscription model, which is X-tras, is a tiered levelled membership where you chose the one that best suits you. With each tier you get certain perks. This is what we are offering currently. Thank you and all the best!