Will paying for Premium or Elite be cost effective?

Is it just me or does the new Xtras seem more expensive to fund?

Not unless your are a high flyer with 600k WXT don’t bother as you won’t make the return on investment.

Depends also on how much you spend with the card. ~600k WXT is the “guaranteed” break-even point when you don’t take CryptoBack into account at all.

I may join Premium if support team can solve my problem-unable get rewards.

Hi there,
i do have two questions about the WIREX price plans:

  • How does the WXT lock work? Does it mean that i just have to hold a minimum of “x” WXT in my account or has it to be “locked” in a separate account?
  • What does the X-Account APR (crypto) mean? If i don’t want the interest to be paid in WXT what will be paid for holding BTC and ETH in each price plan?

Many thanks and kind regards