Will Sepa EEC ever working again?

I can’t find any indication on the new terms and conditions concerning Sepa Out from account… Does this mean it will never be available in future? From wirex the info was that within January it would’ve fixed… And I got one day on which I got my new Iban on the App (bug or preview?) and I was able to send Fiat In - Out…what’s your opinion?


I would also love to have some clarification on this issue.


Same it’s unacceptable that they cannot give an estimated time scale


It’s becoming so useless, can’t even top up from Lloyds debit card


Hi @Anthonio @bsalvador @lukegibbons86 @cryptomajic :wave:

Please note that this option was temporarily disabled on 31\12\2020. The relevant notification to the email was sent on 25th of Dec. titled “Important notice: changes to the Wirex account”.

You would be able to process the transfer as soon as the IBAN back to available. Unfortunately, we cannot provide the more specific time-frame for you at the moment but don’t worry, the Wirex team is working hard on this.

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Don’t think will ever get an update :joy:

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Hi @lukegibbons86 :wave:

It’s been a while, but I don’t think it’s lost. I saw something in the app not long ago…There will probably be an update very soon. Stay tuned! :eyes: :smiley:

What did you see in the app not long ago? Is it a secret?

Hello @lukegibbons86, unfortunately, there are no updates on the matter yet. Once we have them, we’ll announce this. Stay tuned!