Will Wirex add other cryptos in the near future?

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I am wondering if wirex is thinking to add more options to the accounts portfolio? other options such as Tether, Monero, Dash or any other… plsss do so :pray:

I have the same question; I have multiple cryptos and it would make Wirex on top of all others when having a wide choice of adding more cryptos for exchanging into fiat currency in fresh fiat. A good example in variety of cryptos is Exodus (they do not have the option to exchange to fiat at all. Therefor I’m looking for another option. Wirex could have all my business…

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Hi there! Yes we are planning to add more coins/tokens to the platform. Stay tuned!


Dear @Ali_Wirex can you please advice why did wirex charged me 9999 WXT without my consent and how did wirex got access to my account to authorize this? I did not request any upgrade yet wirex charged me.

Are you in our private investors channel here on the forum? I have addressed this there. Please know that the team is working on it and you will be refunded. Thank you

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Thank you Ali.

Refund recieved.

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