Wirex and its future

Wirex is my first crypto wallet and you dont forget first love😁. While it was out of bussines in UK had to switch to other famous one. Now came back to usual business and this is positive critics wirex needs to step up the game. Instead of paying for upgraded cards bring back WXT holding for better rewards, need more advertising there is tons of people who are in crypto and never heard of wirex, even when i suggest wirex app they dont find it appealing or too expensive, need more exchange listings…to succeed need to be top of the game. More crypto fish more profits use facebook advertising alk social media lets go wirex team I am using wirex again buying tokens using card for any purchase but please dont disappoint loyal costumers.


There is no telegram group chat one of go places for crypto, dont see anything on discord, use well known crypto influencers to promote. Can i start official wirex on telegram😁

Thanks sir.

Loyal costumer will become happy :heart:

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I can start wirex telegram group but really team should open official one and start posting announcements and news. Every crypto related project is on there. Once group is there i can start adding people and slowly build community and with time it will explode with other crypto users! Go go go​:rocket::rocket::rocket:


Thanks for your suggestion sir.