Wirex App vs Wirex Wallet WXT

Hi, what is the advantage of keeping WXT in Wirex Wallet App rather than in Wirex App?
It is a non custodial wallet, this is clear,and you can use it to access Defi but do we hold the private keys? …Thanks for help!

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Yung have the QR code and dont share it to anyone sir :heart:

In wirex wallet you can stake your WXT into Nereus.Finance

I believe this does not answer the question.

The question was about private keys ownership.

Basically, can someone export the private keys and import them in another wallet?

If yes, how?

If no, then it’s not really a non-custodial wallet.


Yes you need to save the QR Code. And you can open it on other device but need an email confirmation to confirm its you sir :heart:

I believe you assume that the user wants to open it on a different device but still using the same wallet application.

The question was about using a different application, not the Wirex wallet.

Is this possible? And if so, what are the exact steps?

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Wirex Wallet don’t have private keys and you cannot open it in another wallet. You got face recognition and qr code for changing device, but with Wirex wallet.

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Wirex will update us about this concern hope they gave us private keys ,

Lets all be positive here guys :heart: