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What is your most favorite event on wirex.

  • Refer A Friend
  • X Accounts
  • Shop Online
  • Deposit
  • Verification Event
  • Card Order

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C’mon guys lets make it bullish.



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Can’t find “Support” option! Most favorite is Support!!!


Hope your concern will fix soon sir.

You’er right there are lots of promotional campaigns - unfortunately none of them are any use to me as I received my card over 2 weeks ago and still do not have a link to activate it despite repeated support requests. Promotional activities are a waste of time and money without a support system that can resolve issues as negative experiences with support damage to a company’s reputation. At this stage I would be very reluctant to recommend Wirex to anyone based on my experience

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Done​:hugs: :blush:

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Thank you sir

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Thanks to you too bro

Hello there @Thackrah , I’m really sorry that you are experience this delay. Can you please share your latest ticket reference number so that I can flag it with the support team? Thank you