Wirex Bingo Giveaway

Here comes the Wirex Bingo Giveaway!

There will be 6 winners in total winning 5,000 WXT each, are you ready to win the prize?

How to play

Screenshot the Wirex Bingo Post, circle the grids you have completed and upload it to the comments section below the original post.

For more information, please see the T&Cs below. Good luck!

Wirex Bingo Promotion EEA and APAC Terms & Conditions
The following terms and conditions (“Terms”) shall apply to the Wirex Bingo Promotion (the “Promotion”) which is offered by Wirex Ireland Limited in the European Economic Area (“EEA”) and Wirex Pte Ltd in the Asia Pacific (“APAC”) region (each separately referred to as “Wirex”).
1. The Promotion will run from 12:30 (BST) on 10 July 2021 until 23:59 (BST) on 11 July 2021 (“Promotion Period”).
2. This Promotion is open to verified users of the Wirex Service (as defined by the applicable Wirex terms & conditions: Wirex | Making currencies equal and available to everyone) resident in the EEA and APAC regions who have an activated WXT account only (“Eligible Participants, “you”). For the avoidance of doubt, no other users of the Wirex Service are eligible for this Promotion.
3. To qualify for the Promotion, Eligible Participants must complete at least one of the following tasks:
* on Facebook, you must: a) follow @wirexapp b) like the Wirex Bingo Post c) screenshot the Wirex Bingo Post and circle the grids you have completed and upload it to the comments section below the original post.
* on Community Forum, you must: a) be a member of the Community Forum b) screenshot the Wirex Bingo Post, circle the grids you have completed and upload it to the comments section below the original post.
(each a “Qualifying Task”)
4. Wirex will select six (6) Eligible Participants who find the most accurate answers to the quiz and have completed a Qualifying Task as the winners of this Promotion (the “Winners” each a “Winner”).
5. The Winners will be notified by the Wirex team via private message from the relevant Wirex Social Media Platform Official Account.
6. Once a Winner is contacted by Wirex, to be eligible for the Reward the Winner must respond to the message confirming their Wirex registered email address within 48 hours to claim their prize (“Qualifying Action”). If a Winner does not reply within 48 hours Wirex reserves the right to select another Winner (please note, Wirex will never ask for any other account details via social media message, please do not provide any other information about your account in response to the notification).
7. A 5,000 WXT reward (the “Reward”) will be credited to each Winner who completes a Qualifying Action.
8. The Reward will be paid to each Winner’s WXT account within 30 Working Days of their Qualifying Action.
9. The Reward will be paid in WXT only to the Winner’s WXT wallet held within the Wirex app.
10. The Reward amount may be varied or cancelled by Wirex at any time without notice anyone, Eligible Participants and Winners.
11. “Community Forum” means the Wirex community platform which is a space for productive discussion among Wirex members hosted on the Wirex website: https://community.wirexapp.com/
12. “Wirex App” means the Wirex application available on mobile, PC and tablet.
13. “Wirex Bingo Post” means the bingo post shared via a Wirex Social Media Platform titled ‘the ultimate Wirex bingo’.
14. “Wirex Social Media Platform(s) Official Account” means:
* Facebook Redirecting... (@wirexapp)
* Community Forum: https://www.community.wirexapp.com
15. “Working Days” means Monday to Friday, excluding weekends and any public holidays when the banks of England are closed for business.
16. “WXT” means the Wirex Token on the Wirex Service.
17. “X-Accounts” means the feature on the Wirex App which allows customers to earn up to 16% on their cryptocurrency and fiat funds.
18. This Promotion is in no way no way sponsored, endorsed, administered by, or associated with any of the Wirex Social Media Platforms.
19. Wirex reserves the right to withdraw the notification to the Winner or exclude any Eligible Participant from this Promotion if they are in breach of any code of conduct or similar agreement between them and the relevant Social Media Platform.
20. For the avoidance of doubt any Reward awarded as part of this Promotion does not constitute earnings or interest earned as part of the X-Accounts feature in the Wirex App.
21. Subject to applicable law, Wirex will not under any circumstances be liable to compensate Wirex users, Eligible Participants or other third parties for any losses or damages occurring as a result of their participation or engagement with this Promotion.
22. Wirex may, at its sole discretion, revise any of these Terms or terminate this Promotion at any time without prior notice to Wirex users, Eligible Participants or other third parties.
23. This Promotion is launched by Wirex independently and there are no partnerships between Wirex and any merchant or other third parties relating to this Promotion.
24. The Terms of this Promotion are governed by the laws of England and the parties irrevocably agree that the courts of England shall have exclusive jurisdiction to hear, settle and/or determine any dispute, controversy or claim (including any non-contractual dispute, controversy or claim) arising out of or in connection with this Promotion.

Good luck guy! :crossed_fingers:


I think this is a BINGO!


Bingo! :smiley:



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@khayee04 Dito :heart::heart::rocket::rocket:

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Thank you wirex to choose me​:kissing_heart::slightly_smiling_face:




Bingo. Good luck all!


Congrats to all the bingo winners! Last hours guys, let’s go! :checkered_flag:

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Whos the winner?

I came for this

Hi @Aesbee24 :wave:
Welcome to the Wirex Community :partying_face:

Thanks for your participation but the giveway is now over:

But don’t worry, there will be more! In the meantime, you can consult our promotion list to see what you can join! :slight_smile:

Best regards!

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Congratulations to our $WXT winners @VTI @kaish @tastymfbg :tada:We’ve sent you a DM :wave: