Wirex card, where to cancel subscriptions/automatic payments?

where can I find all the automatic periodic /monthly, etc payments contracts that can automatic deduct money from my Wirexcard because I have clicked on it in the past?

A normal transaction, you mostly need to confirm with a code sent via sms . Still some I get deducted without this code.
I do not know if this is the system of Wirex that asks the confirmation by SMS or from the seller.
But if sellers can deduct money from my Wirex card without me giving the confirmation via a SMS code. that means anyone that knows my Wirexcard details from the past, can deduct money.
As it is also very complicated to ask for a refund, almost impossible and time-consuming. No easy button in my Wirex account. It is concerning.

As with Paypal, there should be a place to review all subscriptions and to cancel their right to charge money in the future from the Wirexcard. To have a peace of mind, nobody can charge the card without consent.
Its not because one time consent was given, that it is also for the rest of the life.


Hello you can create a request here https://wirexapp.com/en/help/request/create

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create a request for what?

did you replied to the post question?
Or are you referring to asking the question again via that link because nobody replied on it.

all these stable coins are on the very expensive ERC-20:
(ERC-20). Stablecoins: USDC, USDT, XSGD, USDP, TUSD, TGBP, Statis EUR, EURT, DAI)
wirexapp _com/help/article/how-to-add-cryptocurrency-from-external-wallets-to-a-wirex-crypto-account-0055

Depending on the day, an ordinary transaction cost between 20USD and 55USD calculated in that coin you want to transact in.
There are many other chains that offer transactions in the same stable coins for less then 1USD.
So why did Wirex not works with them?

it offers the search for what blockchain to use, but the only option is each time ERC-20.
Why offer a search if there is only 1 choice?

Is Wirex working on adding other chains or subsidizing the ETH network by offering only ERC-20?



@W-crypto We are always looking for ways to better our service, and your feedback is an invaluable part of that process.

Please rest assured that it will be forwarded to our relevant department for further consideration.

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thanks for the reply.

but are there plans to include other chains then the very expensive ERC-20 ?

Sometimes I have to pay 40$ for a ERC-20 transfer of a stablecoin. Very annoying when there exist other chains for the same stablecoins that most exchanges uses and only charge less then 1$ for the same transfer.

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@W-crypto we are working on adding more chains for crypto, however, there is no ETA at the moment.
Meanwhile, we can recommend that you wait until the weekend, as during the weekend gas price is usually lower. Best regards!

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