Wirex Cards are Now Available in Europe


Wirex Payment Cards are now available to order for ALL verified users in:

For full details, please see HERE.


Finally! :grinning:I already asked for mine from Spain and hope will be travelling by flight and arriving next week. At the arrival of my card, I will organice a nice party.


I just ordered mine, really excited about receiving my first crypto card!! :smiley:

(By the way, the Swedish flag is missing from the post above! ;))


Quick question? Iโ€™ll be travelling the world by sail boat and would like to get my hands on card as this will make payments much easier.

I am allready a verified user of Wirex , but my current Country is not Supported as of yet.

As I will not be residing in a certain Country no longer, How do I go about getting a card?



Thank you for your support!

Weโ€™re doing our best to make this offering available in as many places as possible; which country are you planning to move too?


I order mine th 17 so looking forward to get it can come any day now


Which other countries outside the EEA zone did you plan to add to your list?


Hi Raphael, is the wirex visa card available in Malaysia? (The Malaysian webpage for wirexapp says that it is. Is that true?)


Hi there! At the moment, the first ones will be the United States and Canada, then Asian countries, New Zealand, Australia and LATAM.


Hi Ramzan, The cards havenโ€™t been launched there yet. We will give you an update once they are.

Thank you


Hi there! At the moment, the first ones will be the United States and Canada, then Asian countries, New Zealand, Australia and LATAM.<

As I understand you have no any plans to make your card available for yours customers from European countires which are not EU members in next 2-3 years.Am I right?


hello i ordered my card to austria on 17.5. still didnt received?!


Hi there! Just wanted to check in to see if you have now received your card?


Hi there, Iโ€™m not sure I quite understand your question. If customers are residing in an EU country then they can apply for our card, after being verified of course.


Iam talking about customers who are living in European countires which are not members of EU(not in EEA zone - like Switzerland,Russia,Ukraine,Belarus,Macedonia,Albania,Serbia,Bosnia etcโ€ฆ).What are plans for them?Are they stranded for a long time or not?


My sincere apologies., now I understand. Thank you. In regards to these countries we are working on adding more to our list. As soon as I have an update I will post it on here.

However, while we canโ€™t offer the card for non EU customers right now, you can still use the app for wallets, instant exchange, free and instant transfers and buying crypto via bank transfer!


I received my card a couple of days ago: https://steemit.com/cryptocurrency/@oleg326756/i-got-my-wirex-visa-crypto-debit-card-today

Thank you so much! :heart:




Iโ€™ve received my card in 2 weeks, Iโ€™m the first in Italy https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=hvCMsBdkoQo


Hello! Are the debit cards available for latรญn Amรฉrica? Paraguay? Thankd