Wirex Cards are Now Available in Europe

Hi there, Have you still not received the card? Also, what country do you currently live in?

Hi there, Yes, once you verify your account, you will then be able to order a card. You can choose from either a GBP, EUR or USD card. You can have all three if you’d like, it’s completely up to you. Just know that there is a small monthly fee that applies to each card. Let’s say you decide to get the EUR Wirex card, you can then transfer funds to it either by toping up with an external bank card or bank transfer. You can also add funds by exchanging/converting from the crypto wallets into your EUR card. You will have to manually add funds to the card in order to use it in stores or online. You can also use the card worldwide, anywhere that accepts VISA.
Hope this helps.

Hello, i am waiting Wirex Card from a lot of time, i ordered card in 22 december 2018, and actually 19/01/2019 i am waiting this card…

I have opened a ticket number: 612060

I need a tracking number of card.
The reference code is this: 92d1751570b94140a10e7f382c5393b4


Ciro Fragomeni

Email: ciro.frago@gmail.com

Quick question: I’m from The Netherlands and i use my wirex debit card.
I Just want to know how to use the SEPA transfer option. I see the SEPA information but how do i know the money will go to my debit card? Do i need to write my debit card number at the “descriptions” of my bank?

Hi @Ali_Wirex,
I am an EU Citizen (french) but I leave in Switzerland, can I have the card ? From the app I can’t.