Wirex 🪙 closing 60 days Visa Card pull all Values on Wallet before 16/03 ⚠️⚠️⚠️


Ciao anche a me è arrivato questo messaggio, ma si sa quando arriverà la nuova carta (mastercard)?

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Dal 16 marzo!!! Se non vuole fallire entro la fine di marzo


Perché ti sembra giusto promettere qualcosa sapendo di non poter rispettare la promessa. Se scrivi a dicembre 2020 ma diventa dicembre 2021 perde di credibilità lo sta già facendo con la complicità di Contis che sta bloccando tutti gli utenti. Speriamo regge la botta. Il timing è importante non lo pensi …

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I’m a bit confused. Will they send us a new card? Is our money safe?


Also received this email.
This is really poor communication! It tells me nothing!
I guess I’ll have to find another provider.


Yes I got the same message. Sounds like we will be getting the MasterCard version possibly? I use my card a fair bit and really need a crypto debit card. I love my account and the card so I am sure they will be offering a different provider.


Speriamo che non perdiamo i nostri soldi, ho un po di wxt.

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Be aware, there are Wirex Card and Wirex Wallet, only card after 16 March go offline. Important that all euro was on wallet and no on card.

It is confusing I’m not sure who’s running their PR but they aren’t doing a great job. Now we are losing our visa privalege what next? Will we have the master card in time for March or are they going to damage their reputation and growth overnight.


They say following MasterCard not match with MasterCard. 22/01/2021 there are Investor desk in YouTube, will know in near time if they became ‘’PUBLIC’’+ or remain ’’PRIVATE’’ -

Your money is safe they send you new design MasterCard, old card must be destroyed in very fast way Wirex can’t wait that you all send proof of destroy via photo.


Let’s hope the MasterCard comes before March or people will literally March away. Has anyone struggled to transfer crypto to their hard wallet? Twice now wirex has failed to recognise my hard wallet address even though it was correct.

I’m still waiting for a response from them with two open tickets.


I think there are Competitor in Visa circuit that don’t want see Wirex in industry and manipulate transaction to in/out Wirex. If Wirex Kill with MasterCard this Visa competitors; all be :white_check_mark:.
60 amministrative day communication. All right!

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Will there be a new GBP fiat wallet with the MasterCard as the current one is with contis.

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Upgrade in coursework w8 that lag finish

That’s one confusing email and the communication is non-existent at this point. They should have said:

“We are switching from Visa to MasterCard on March 16, 2020. Please move your fiat money from card to your WireX bank account, or convert them into the cryptocurrency of your choice.

Your money are safe and we will be providing you with a new card by then. If you are an investor, you will be receiving a special MasterCard, as promised.”

If this is what they meant, then we received a very confusing email, which made me move all my funds to cold storage. They’re also not answering to our tickets. They must hire more support.


Danke für die ausführliche Informationen aber ich finde dass es gut zu verstehen war die Nachricht und ausserdem ist es wohl logisch dass man nur das Guthaben auf der Karte meint wenn es die VisaKarte nicht mehr gibt :laughing: man muss nicht immer gleich Panik kriegen !!!