Wirex 🪙 closing 60 days Visa Card pull all Values on Wallet before 16/03 ⚠️⚠️⚠️

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Hi everyone, please note, with the introduction of the upcoming Wirex Mastercard, your current Wirex Visa card issued by Contis will not be available to use from 16 March 2021. You can sign up for the Wirex Mastercard waitlist here: https://wirexapp.com/wirex-new-card

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Hi all,

To be very honest, I totally understand all this Wirex “mis-organization” at our current times…
The Pandemic, the Brexit, Investors Certification did contributed to all this mess.
But lets face it and lets make an effort to comprehend all this, before we start jumping on everybody’s neck.
The Pandemic - It did create all this unforeseeable disruption across the whole world and no one was prepared for it.
Brexit - Some of the Wirex accounts were between the UK and the rest of Europe. With Brexit, all Euro and British Pound accounts had to be re-organized, but (imho) Wirex failed on this, due to the lack of preparation (when Brexit was already confirmed).
Also, sending an email on the last day of the Year, regarding our Wirex accounts disruptions and impossibility of using them (i.e.: No IBAN information) was indeed a very late day for Wirex costumers.
Private Investors - Certification from Crowcube took a while but it happened without concerns.
Nevertheless, (as all other costumers) no precise information whatsoever, regarding Account services (IBAN / Tranfers / Card confirmation), new Mastercard cards (if costumers will receive them in time, before Visa card is disabled), was sent to us, costumers, so we don’t be preoccupied with our Wirex services.

Personally, I don’t have much complaint about Costumer Services. But this un-preparation and lack of “in time” direct information to costumers, has to be criticized and solved ASAP.

To the Wirex Team - Please take these topics highlighted here, to tomorrow Q&A.

Best regards,

Carlos Santos


Perfect comment but note that Covid and Brexit is not important if you think that in Europe Wirex had’t license to issues electronic money and they search a partner with license and with MasterCard permission in this chase Payrnet. Wirex need fusion with Payrnet in name of Wirex because who know Payrnet name?? I think nobody. Wirex had more notorious.

Agreed. I couldn’t have said better myself. Will be in Q&A in the morning too.

I think I can’t be on Q&A. But note that Wirex and Payrnet are identical. Is Wirex that use name of Payrnet or Payrnet that use name of Wirex? How is possible that they don’t conflict. All scam sensation that you prove is only for internal interest conflict. Where go all interest at Wirex or Payrnet so bank of Lituania. I’m curious to se contract they can’t close it. And in all this caos how is possible that Revolut had 17% of total market share meanwhile Wirex 0.3%

2 - Simple Questions.

Will a new MasterCard be automatically sent out to replace the existing Visa Card?

If due to Covid-19 and closed borders and you are stuck away from your mailing address to collect your new card, can the new card be sent to another address in a different country?


A couple of issues… Wirex does not support segwit, so your segwit wallet/address may have an issue.

The transfer via Wirex only looks at first 6 digits past the decimal, instead of 8, so the transfer may not work… the 99 sats difference go somewhere…

Try sending to a non-segwit address…and limiting value to six digits past the decimal point.