Wirex contactless card waiting list


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The wait for our new contactless card is almost over. Having sourced suppliers, taken community feedback and opinion on card design and finish and commenced with manufacturing, plastic cards will become available within the coming three to four weeks. To ensure you’re on the waiting list, enter your email and update to the latest version of the Wirex app. Yes! Let me know the moment Contactless Cards are readyNotify MeWe’ll be in touch!As soon as the cards are…


I want to see all your emails on here!!!



Pls check if am on the waiting list


You need to click at the link at the top; and then register your email in the blog!


Are these the cards that will replace those that were canceled by Wavecrest?



I has 2 cards

will they be sent out urgent?


Cant wait for the new cards :heart_eyes:


I am new to Wirex. So are the virtual cards still available on the app while you wait for the new plastic cards ??

It all seams a bit patchy to be honest .



Currently, all of our customers and the majority of the customers using a crypto wallet paired with a payment card are unable to offer their customers any type of Visa Payment Card.

This was a shock to the entire crypto community, as this left over half a million people without a means of payment, overnight.

Fortunately, Wirex are over 6 months down the line with the integration of a solution, and we’re pretty confident that we will be the first to offer a solution to this problem.

I hope that answers your question?



1 plastic and 1 virtual


I’ve been using Wirex for a while and looking forward to their solution… the Wirex bank account I presume?

Also, looking forward to their integration with DASH so that I don’t need to Shapeshift my DASH into BTC and deal with the associated delays and fees with using Bitcoin!!


Hi to all.
Im new and want the new contactless card.
My mail: andreacos91@icloud.com

Thank you


Im new and i need the new contactless card.
My mail:azaaronghai@gmail.com

Thank you


Guys, you should get into this link, there you write your email address.


Excellent, can’t wait to use my card again. PS - Keep up the great work Raphael


I read all major CC companies will not work with crypto (descovery/visa/mastercard) .
I wonder how / if this will work .


Can you provide any articles?
I know a few companies like mona.**(domain extension censored as comment might be seen as advertising for the rival company) which have gotten deals with visa(the company given as an example has a contract for visa and visa platinum cards).



I want a card please :slight_smile:


Hi! Please I need a new Card too…


Hi there, need one virtual card. Please.
it would be greatful for your help