Wirex Credit: deposit, borrow, spend

*Subject to the T&Cs and Privacy Policy

We designed Wirex Credit with you in mind. It lets you borrow stablecoins in seconds, with maximum flexibility and zero fees.

But how do you get started? It’s simple, just follow these three steps:

:arrow_right: Deposit crypto – to borrow with Wirex Credit, you need to stake your BTC or ETH. To begin, transfer your chosen crypto into your Wirex account from an external wallet.

:arrow_right: Borrow – time to stake your crypto. Simply use your BTC or ETH as collateral in-app to instantly borrow up to 80% LTV* with 0% interest** (for a limited time only). You won’t need to complete any credit or affordability checks – your stablecoins will be available straightaway.

:arrow_right: Spend – spend your stablecoins in real life with your Wirex card and earn up to 8% Cryptoback™ rewards every time. Alternatively, stake them in a DeFi protocol like Nereus to earn high-yield interest or exchange them to a currency of your choice at exclusive OTC rates in the Wirex app.

How to borrow with Wirex Credit

Borrowing with Wirex Credit is easy. Simply:

  1. Go to Wirex Credit in-app and tap Borrow.

  2. Choose a credit account from the list of currencies available.

  3. Choose a loan to value ratio (LTV), collateral account and the amount you wish to borrow, then tap Continue.

  4. Accept the Wirex Credit T&Cs by tapping Confirm.

  5. Congratulations! You’ll now see a list of your live credit lines. Don’t forget, you can choose to repay them at any time.

For more information, check out our Help Centre or FAQs.


*0% interest available on NXUSD only for a limited time, all other stablecoins at 2% APR.
*Availability for Wirex Credit may differ by region. All credit lines are provided in stablecoins. Cryptocurrency is volatile and all lending is conducted at the user’s risk. Subject to the T&Cs and Privacy Policy.

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