Wirex Credit vs conventional loans: who comes out on top?

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Considering taking out a Wirex Credit line and wondering how it compares to a conventional loan? Where do we begin?

Read on for just a few of the reasons Wirex Credit is the way forward.

  • Lower interest rates – depending on the stablecoin you choose to borrow, you can pay as little as 0% interest* when you take out a Wirex Credit line. You certainly won’t find rates like those elsewhere!

  • No lengthy checks – why waste time on endless credit and affordability checks when you can receive your stablecoins instantly with Wirex Credit?

  • Zero impact on your credit score – taking out a Wirex Credit line doesn’t affect your credit score in any way. Because why should it?

  • More flexible terms – we designed Wirex Credit to be as flexible as possible. That’s why you’ll only pay interest for the days you have a live credit line and you can repay it whenever you like.

  • No waiting around – get your stablecoins straightaway then exchange them to a currency of your choice or spend them with your Wirex card.


*Read full Wirex Credit T&Cs here: EEA, APAC, ROW
*0% interest available on NXUSD only.