Wirex currency accounts almost here!

In just a few short sweet weeks from today, Wirex will introduce the most advanced crypto-friendly personal finance platform in operation worldwide. Features will be released a step at a time over several weeks and months — with a stunning road-map for the future. Regular Wirex app-users who provide feedback on the new services will be granted priority access to each new feature release, including crypto investment tools, new crypto wallets, and plastic card availability. Yes! Let me know…


These are so good news!
Wirex is the most reliable service of his kind, That’s for sure!


Real good News looking forward for the new wirex bank service, it can only be good since wirex have done this good Thing for us thank you wirex

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Question: Can I fund and store Bitcoin on the account and when I use the debit card then Bitcoins are simply debited with the current exchange rate?

Or, do I need to fund Bitcoins then convert them into GBP or EUR in your web app before I can spend them with a debit card?


This is fantastic news. Just one quick question will these accounts be available for Businesses (i.e. UK registered Limited Companies??).

My mining business is incorporated, and I do have a business bank facility, however, I fear the risk of the account being suspended as soon as they get any whiff of Cryptocurrency. So far I have managed to keep the BTC transactions completely separate from the bank and all the bank sees are SEPA/Faster Payments in £ hitting the account. I need the reassurance of a dedicated Business banking facility that has no issues with Crypto.

I have complete faith in Wirex, they served me well when I mined as a sole trader and the recent Wavecrest farce proves that we all have a uphill battle to get legitimate crypto currency facilities in place as soon as possible.

Keep up the great work Wirex :+1::+1::+1::+1:


Just one further question regarding the new bank accounts.
Will the Accounts still be available to UK residents following Brexit?

Excellent news, looking forward to this!!

Will it be possible to sell BTC and have the proceeds put immediately into my Wirex bank account and then send that cash instantly to my UK-based Lloyds account?

Will this mean that cards will now require verification?

Good question. If it’s a straight debit of bitcoin at the currrent exchange price that would be really useful.

From what I understood no, you can still have an unverified account and get a virtual card but without a bank account linked to it.
Watch the video in the weekly community update which can be found here

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That’s good news. Thanks.

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Will they be VISA cards? MasterCard? Something else? Cause VISA isn’t fond of cryptocurrencies and might do the same in the future.

As far as I am concerned, MasterCard cut all ties with all companies offering direct cryptocurrency exchange to fiat which can be used with a MasterCard prepaid back in October 2017.
Visa didn’t show too many signs that they would just dump all companies which are offering cryptocurrency exchange to fiat that can be used through their system.
If that would have been the case companies like mona.**(domain extension/last 2 letters of the company name censored so comment wouldn’t be flagged as advertisement for rival company) wouldn’t have a contract with Visa anymore(Company given as an example is offering Visa and Visa Platinum debit cards).
So yeah, I don’t think Visa will cut ties with companies like Wirex in the near future.

Looks like MasterCard let one slide.
There is one company/bank that is going to support Cryptocurrency exchange to fiat with a MasterCard Contactless card linked to that account.

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Mark of the beast next. Nobody can see this, really?

“And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.” Rev. 13:17

Any news when the cards will be available? I`ve user the cards a lot but now I am looking for alternative … now is too much of waiting and even though Wirex was great app and highly secured I need a card to cash-out :frowning:

We will start rolling them out from the end of this week. We’re pretty confident that we will probably be the first to offer the solution you’re looking for. Where are you based?

I am based in Kosovo/Albania but last time send the card to UK

Do you have a UK address?

Because shipping was not supported to my country I have used on of my cousins address!

You guys need to check out the beta test here: