Wirex Ethereum Wallets Have Landed!


The new Wirex #Ethereum wallet allows you to buy, sell and store #Ether (ETH). For full details please see, HERE!


How much do you need to have in your wallet to withdraw from the atm


Hi there,

It depends on the ATM. I think most can withdraw 10 notes. The maximum is 250 a day. However there is a small fee for each withdrawal that you make.

Thank you.


ok, but how much do u need to be Able to purchase food from a shop


It depends what you are purchasing. If it’s a stick of gum then not that much. If you’re going out to dinner then you would need to have more. It is completely up to you how much you would like to hold on your card at any one time. But also please bear in mind that there is a small monthly charge so you should also have enough every month for that. Since it will be withdrawn from the card and not your crypto wallets.

Thank you.


hola tengo una pregunta yo simpre estoy en el constante uso y compra de nuevos tokens, puedo almacenar cualquier tipo de token ERC20 en mi wallet wirex de ethereum