Wirex Founder reveals all! SPECIAL INTERVIEW


The critically acclaimed interview you’ve all been waiting for!

So many secrets, so much information, all of the insight! What are you waiting for, it’s finally here!


We’re sorry about the sound guy’s; but the interview content was just too good to throw away!

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Nice! This would work; but would need to check out the sound quality first.

We’re planning to do another interview on the third of April; so hopefully we will have a solution sorted by then.

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Time Stamps!!!

TS - 11:08 Why did Wirex cards stop working in January?

TS - 12:14 - How have you moved forward from the WaveCrest Ban in 2018 and what will you offer moving forward?

TS - 14:40 - What types of payment card are on offer, and what are the benefits of each?

TS - 16:31 - How has Wirex grown over the last 4 years? How is your new product being tested?

TS - 17:55 - I’m new to cryptocurrency; what does Wirex offer me?

TS - 20:25 - What steps have you taken to protect your customers money?

TS - 24:30 - What differences are there with your new partners to protect your customers from another January 5th?

TS - 26:36 - How will Wirex handle issues with Brexit? What are your global ambitions?

TS - 30:03 - Should people in the EU be worried?

TS - 31:12 - How does the Wirex Crypto to Fiat exchange work?

TS - 32:16 - Imitation is the best form of flattery; how does Wirex compare with similar offerings?

TS - 34:58 - What countries will the wirex card be available in; and what countries will accept the card as payment?

TS - 36:36 - Do you use Visa or Mastercard network?

TS - 36:48 - Do you think Brexit offers an opportunity to pioneer crypto regulations?

TS - 38:57 - Why didn’t Wirex do an ICO?