Wirex giving away $50BTC to top referrers for November!


With the Bitcoin bullish run, we thought that this is the best time to encourage your family to join the Bitcoin world.

The reward you receive is not really the point. It’s just a way to introduce and show friends and family how bitcoin transactions work.

They register. They buy a little amount of bitcoin. And you receive a fraction of that amount into your own bitcoin wallet so you can demonstrate to your peops exactly how easy and fast btc transactions work.

Sharing is simple. Login > Profile > Affiliate (copy link). Share away.

Moreover as it’s Cyber monday you also have a chance to win an extra $50 worth of BTC, if you become the top referrer for November.

More details at https://wirexapp.com/win-btc-this-week

In case you do care about the rewards, here’s a recap:

You’ll earn a share of Wirex’s low competitive fees in BTC for 3 years!
There are no limits, the more they spend through Wirex, the more you earn.
The Pay Out? It’s now immediate!
Join the race and the conversation :slight_smile: