Wirex I am really worried about the maintenance

Please give us an update of what is going on. Facebook and Twitter are screaming scam already. If there are problems that can happen but inform us and not play silent


My app says scheduled maintance however I was given no prior warning

How much will be this maintance ? Why you not tell us before you do it ? I’m worry about the situation!!!

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Please tell us something about the maintenance!!!

We need updates! It’s been at least going on for 2 hours…

Don’t worry anymore!! They’re back online!!

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But we still can’t send funds or top up our cards!!

Yes seems they are. But putting an advertisement will not be a bad idea next time!

Maybe maintenance is not completely terminated

online but missing funds in my account

Chat told me all functionality will be restored in 24 hours around

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Thanks for the update. So that will be at 0500 pm tomorrow? CET Time

Around. Maybe less maybe more

This is just messed up, the lack of transperancy in this company is amazing.

No updates nothing, funds missing from accounts, funds frozen.
Nice one wirex. It’s not something i will suggest from this point on, to anyone of my friends in the crypto space.

Totally agree and it’s not acceptable. Not being able to exchange crypto at real time is causing people to lose potential profit by the min…

I think because we were not given prior warning regarding maintenance thats why most of us are worried as to what is happening. But at this moment on my account maintenance has disappeared but my card section on Wirex appears some functions have been removed. I hope they will be restored.

My app is working fully.

Hi my email reference number is 1757204 I have transferred some funds to my Wirex account today and they are missing, I have emailed you many times without a reply.
When will you address this and how come there is always something wrong with the app, this is very unprofessional .


My wirex if fully functional but i expect transfer of 350 euro today from my paypal and still nothing here. Usual i receive there transfer on next day at 10 at morning. I’m worry about my transfer, i ask support they told me that no have panding transfer so that mean the there have some problem but they dont care about it. Fully lack of transperancy. I need to know whats going on with my transfer and where is my money. If that is not fix in next 24h i will transfer all my fund in other platforms. That is totaly unacceptable!


I have also transferred money to my account today earlier, and havent been credited at all.
Super annoying, will go to reddit with this shortly if it isn’t resolved.

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