Wirex I am really worried about the maintenance

Hi, our apologies on the delay. The team is working on it as we speak. You will receive your funds. Thank you for your patience during this time and our sincere apologies for any inconvenience caused.

Ali my account is locked due to too often log in tries. Can you reset it, it was not my fault in this case but wirex fault

I am also getting maintenance notice for last 3 days after 7 days of address cheeks.

I’m very worried. I think this situation is very strangeus. All my money is in Wirex. For me isn`t problem, but my family is very perjudicated.

Ali_Wirex please ask support to look to ticket 1759592. It is urgent.

Hi there, I will flag this with the support team for you right now. Thank you


Salam brother,

Is our money safe and will this get sorted out soon, please be honest?

Hi there, all funds are 100% safe. It was a tech issue with the website and app. It has been restored but some countries are still experiencing some lagging. However this will get resolved.
Thank you for your patience during this time.

I understand if funds on balance are safe.

What about people who sent funds and hasn’t shown up yet on balance? That is main concern

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This will get to your accounts.

and pending transaction ?


How long do you think brother honestly it’s been 3 days i know you just support but please give some indication. Some people worked hard for their money

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i’m seriously worried … i transferred 1000 euros from my account to my wirex account 3 days ago … i got the notification from the transfer app … but going to the account i can’t find anything … i contact support service and have been apologizing for 3 days and giving me the same answers, today I was told that in a couple of hours it would be solved, (same thing said in the other days), but to my question:
So by today it will be resolved ?, the operator replies I can not assure you anything …
a couple of hours have passed and still 0
I am really disappointed and embittered by this service

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Salam, you keep saying its restored, where is my funds i have sent?

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72h since they say the problem will be resolved soon. What you mean by this “soon” ? When this “soon” will comming? Also 48h from where your support Maksym K. say me that the problem will be resolved “today”. I’m really dissapoint from wirex. This is total unacceptable and i think they will lose critical amount of customers…

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I’m living in the exact same situation as you …
i can understand a big problem they may have had.
but 3 days without my funds being credited to me normally seems exaggerated


I completely understand your frustration. Can you send me your Wirex email address in a private message with the transaction info you are waiting for. I will then rush it to the support team. Thank you

PM was send Ali, thanks in advance.

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Please stop saying it has been resolved yet our funds are still hanging in the air, in ths era of online scammers, please if this is one of those ponzi schemes let us know, no wonder, Twitter and Instagram hasn’t verified your accounts yet.
Please sort out the issue,or tell us its a scam and we can go om with our law suits.
Ticket No 1759535.

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As in the message above, it will take time for users in certain countries to get full functionality. The DNS records are updating as we speak and people who are still being affected will see services fully restored.

Thank you for your support ticket I will chase this with the team for you.