Wirex I am really worried about the maintenance

Stop saying service will be sorted, you’ve said that for 2days now, i have bill to pay sir. My rent is due tomorrow and it my last strike, if i get kicked out, i will sue your company for damages.
I just need my funds , i dont know anythinf anything about DNS, i need my stuff sorted, though i was able to transfer 200quid but thats not my rent, i need this whole thing sorted Ticket 1759535, email princeazubyke@gmail.com. do you need my password too ?

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I just replied to your private message. Thank you


Ali’s replies seem better than the rest of supports robotic replies.

Hopefully he will get it sorted for us.

Also there is a list of people willing to sue. My sister is a corporate lawyer. If you want she will write up a claim and add you and all the people who wish to be on it as claimants against wirex if this extends any longer.

Okay, please can you send me an email on princeazubyke@gmail.com, i will want to be added to the claim. Alis reply is basic, he just says the team will message me, yet no message, my rent is due Tomorrow.
Thanks for your reply.

they give no answer anywhere, i think they are currently scamming us

Please @Lucianojones email me at princeazubyke@gmail.com, am frustrated right now.

I agree with you. This wont end well for them, I’ve followeds their CEO of Twitter.

OK i will email you shortly @Azubuike_Prince

@Mickey_willis they are giving answers on twitter and other socials but its not really an answer. They keep talking about DNS and website being online. But i don’t see why that is linked with our funds.

So your right they could be doing an exit scam or waiting for something.

Wirex if you are reading this the people just want access to their funds or an answer to whats going on with our funds?

If you are going to do exit scam or steal our money at least don’t waste our time and tell us lies so we know where we stand. Some people are constantly checking this and you have put their life on pause.

Like i cant even do any other thing, my money is trapped, my shelter at risk, so what else should i do than keep messaging ?
I cant call them,please who has gotten any good feedback ?

I look twitter, but yes it’s not an answer…
And when I chat with support I ended up being disconnected.

I think they make their packing… It’s really too long

really ?
It still doesn’t work for me

Yeah all have same answer and @Anastasiia_Wirex gives same copy and paste answer to everyone

Maybe they are just prolonging us so they can exit scam but they are based in london their office so i don’t think so.

If this extends another day it will be unbelievable!

I have messaged the ceo on whatsapp again. But it looks like he has blocked me now

Look below

If anyone wants his number to try or spam message him to sort this out just reply.

They no have problem with DNS anymore. And nobody from support can’t explain clearly whats goin on. They just give us copy-paste answers without any actions.
Where is our money wirex? Whats going on? its 72h after your issue and notting going well. All of us expect our money!

Yo lo quiero por favor

Soporte no me responde por favor puedes ayudarme?

Whats happening guy @Lucianojones , i still haven’t been able to transfer funds, what kind of problem is this ? @Ali_Wirex

As an investor I am short for words with the way customer queries are dealt with.

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Again maintenance and no warning?

I have a friend in ITV who is happy to cover the story of Wirex. Wirex is not responding at all today. Twitter and Facebook - wirex continues to act as normal.
We need to get this to the paper and FCA

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Support have gone quite today nobresponse