Wirex in German TV!

Yeees, in the German TV station “ntv” was a doku about bitcoin, and the Netherland Bitcoin millionaire Thaihuttu pays in a grocery shop with the wirex card!
I think this was a big promotion for Wirex!
German TV Station “ntv” Monday 20:15
title: “Digitale Goldgräber”

Greetings Sascha


I often see Wirex ads when I watch YT :slight_smile:

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Wirex never stop marketing to grow and grow :heart::heart:


It’s awesome!

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Hello @Sascha Could you share screenshot here? Would love to see :slight_smile:

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Wirex is the best :relaxed:


Hi @Sascha :wave:

Thank you for the information!

For those who would like to see the documentary, here is the official link:

Of course, a German VPN or proxy is required to play the video.


Thank you for the link!

Yes, on further time I must visit Norway, it’s a beautiful country, depends on the weather :grinning:

I wish for us all a beautiful future with Wirex, our coins, the best rates at our x-accounts and lots of funny and interesting promotions!
We are still at the beginning of the crypto world!

Greetings Sascha


We grateful that your Happy :heart::blush:

Have a good day

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I wish you many good things in your life.

We thank you for your positive comment which makes us happy.

In the framework, yes we are only at the beginning, the future follows!
A beautiful story that begins and will begin in good conditions for everyone. We make sure everything goes well. :star_struck:

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