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Put me down another to any lists and I was just starting to use the product. Two subscriptions taken without any notice or information opened a ticket asking why as well and also been forwarded to the relevent team .
Sounds like a delay tactic - agree.


I got twice subscription fees taken without notice.


I’ve invested in wirex through crowdcube I’ve got nothing back anyone else got this problem


Hai delle azioni che per ora non valgono nulla perché non puoi venderle.
Mi piacerebbe venderle oppure capire che benefici ho in più di tutti gli altri utenti non investitori iniziali.

Pago le fee per comprare e vendere wxt come tutti gli altri. Purtroppo!
E ora il limite è stato aumentato a 150 USD!!! Arrabbiato!
Sono contento che hanno aggiunto molte nuove monete di scambio, terra luna, dogecoin etc.

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Can you please speak in english.
Thank You

You have shares that are worth nothing for now because you can’t sell them.
I would like to sell them or understand what benefits I have more than all the other initial non-investor users.

I pay the fees to buy and sell wxt like everyone else. Unfortunately!
And now the limit has been raised to 150 USD !!! Angry!
I’m glad they added a lot of new trading coins, terra luna, dogecoin etc.

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I invested via Crowdcube £2,512 and requested several time from Wirex to send me a Investor certification (for tax report) and also to be sure, they get my funds and I’m in the Investor team. I never had reply on that. Support only pass my request to another people, that never contacted me.

I am very disappointed how they tread the comunity / investor member.

I like to have my investment back. I can send the lawer also my investment sheet from Crowcube. I never received from Wirex any document.

Please add me in the refund team.


The support team confirmed to me weeks ago that they would refund my subscription renewal that they had deducted from my account. But I am still waiting for the refund.

Once a support ticket is resolved, the refund should be immediate. I am starting to doubt that I will be refunded.

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I was excited to be a Wirex shareholder and wanted the company to do well. But over the past year I have been disappointed with their support and communication.

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Hello Sir :hugs:

I’m sincerely sorry for your situation right now.
Our relevant team will email :email: you onced it’s done and thank you for your feedback we will considerate this.

Have a wonderful day :love_letter:

Please don’t call me ’Sir.’ I am a woman!

People say there are no women in crypto. That’s because these same people fail to acknowledge that women are here.

Don’t assume everyone is a man, DYOR.


I’m sincerely sorry Mam.

Please accept my apology I’m woman too.

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You are lucky if you have ever been able to pull your crypto out. They never care to fix my account so I can withdraw.

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@moderators :relaxed:

@MalouIsAvailable You are an obsessive forum user and have, I assume, no paid role at Wirex, but through the way these forums work have achieved the “status” of “superuser”.

Could you please refrain from behaving like you are official Wirex support and speaking on behalf of Wirex - you do not have the authority to use terms such as “our”, “we”, “us” (referring to Wirex) so please stop.

Volunteering assistance and experiences between users is one thing, pretending to be “staff” is another.

Customers are becoming confused that support is being escalated or dealt with when in fact it is not.

@moderators Please deal with this user appropriately.

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Another investment made through Crowdcube here, and zero communication on any front. Please add me to the refund team - I want my investment back too.

Im sorry sir but Im really staff of wirex :relaxed:
Im one of the super ambassador… One of the staff that answer and help the customer to communicate to support team to faster as i can.

Again Im sorry for this situations.

What about our official documents informing us that we have Wirex shares? Where are they ?