WireX iOS app Jailbroken warning

I’ve got a warning on my iOS app which says my iPhone has been jailbroken. Obviously i have not jailbroken my iPhone 13 Pro under iOS15.1. I’m wondering if there is a known jailbroken method yet. I don’t get this Jailbroken warning on any other apps, but only on the WireX app. Anyone has similar experience and can suggest solution? it’s much appreciated.

Hello @n0b0dy, could you please share with us the ticket number of your case? if you didn’t submit the ticket yet, you can do it via this link: Wirex | Making currencies equal and available to everyone


Hello @Yuliia_Wirex , i’ve got your email reply, requesting me to contact Apple. However, i’m not sure what Apple can help as it’s the WireX app giving this warning. Moreover, all other apps work fine without this similar warning.

Hi @n0b0dy! Please provide your ticket number so that we could check it with our Support team.


Hi @Maryna_Wirex , i was not given a ticket number in the email reply from your support team. Could you advise how i can find it?

@n0b0dy You were supposed to get an immediate email with the ticket number. Please use the following link: Wirex | Making currencies equal and available to everyone to create a new request. Note, you should use the email linked to your Wirex account. Thank you in advance!