Wirex is an organized scheme to steals people's money

I am not writing this review because I wanted to get any solution to my concerns, but to create awareness that this company is a fraud. They will steal your money and they will never give it back. It is important to know that my account is fully verified, I have complied with all requirements. This is not any network or service issues, it’s Wirex stealing from their customer.

Wirex is an organized scheme to steals people’s money. I recently opened an account with them after I completed their verification process I made a purchase of XRP since then, I can only fund the wallet but they restrict me from withdrawing my funds. I advise anyone not to trust their money in these scammer’s hands. Whenever I open a ticket they replied after days with this same copy and paste messages "Hello Mellien,

Sorry about this! We understand failed withdrawals can be really frustrating.

As a regulated entity, we are obliged to review all transactions and are sometimes unable to process transfers to certain wallets due to applicable legislation. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide any additional information about this at this time. We would therefore advise that you find an alternative way to make this specific payment.

Thank you for your patience and understanding on this matter.

Customer Support Representative"

Can you imagine this fraud?!

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