Wirex is not a reliable company

Hi community,

I have been customer with Wirex since Dec 2017
I must inform here anyone looking for information and feedback about Wirex services.

Wirex is not a reliable company, their IT system is totally un-efficient as well as their support team.

You better hope that everything will always work because if you happen to have any issue that is out of scope and require special attention then you are ALONE for months and months…

And issues DOES happen from often to time to time.


I am not agere.
Every time I have ask for help in there support, thay have fix my problems in the same day.
So what your saying about Wirex, I can’t recognizer.


Wirex is a reliable company as ever! Love you wirex


Thank you sir.

Wait until they freeze your account for no reason and give you answers at all :wink:

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I totally agree with you!!! Their customer service doesn’t exist….they never solved any problems but always said “get back to you shortly” or “under investigation”….I’m really sick of it. Do you have any other similar company to recommend? They have many competitors now

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10 months to change an email
1 months + weeks and still running to change a phone number

How can that be a reliable service ?


Believe me I used to be liking their services and even recommend them time to time but seriously it has only been worse and worse and worse…

It is just sad that they cannot cope with their growth…

@wirex see this information

Just read trustpilot. It’s more than any words here.
And try to call phone number back on your cards!
Thats all a have to tell you guys.

lolilol as if trustpilot was genuine, that is quite a candid point of view… :blush:

For the number behind the card, it is an idea indeed if you are willing to pay extra money for what shall be standard support…

@Jame1987 7 Lastbit is having a slightly different type of service (no multi-currency and no auto-trade BTC to EUR on payment) but if it fits what you are looking for then it is cheap and efficient.

They answer customer email in time and not with auto-answers…

It is a MasterCard rules: “Look for a customer service number on the back of the card” in most fraud cases.
it’s not an extra option.
If current support is a paid then i won’t to pay for this robotic “support” with no results at all.

I totally agree, my account has been blocked for 9 months now without any help from wirex!
And the only thing wirex has been saying for 9 months is: “ we’ll get back to you shortly”, „the compliance team is working on it….?!?

But fact is for 9 months my money is gone and my account is blocked and I am not the only one.
There are enough alternatives to wirex!

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I called that phone number and they said “please send emails to get support”….what a dead circle!

Hello there @Jame1987 , if you need assistance from the support team, please visit the support thread on our community forum here…

Support team agents are ready to answer any, and all, questions that you may have.

Thank you and all the best.

You don’t even provide the customer service anymore!! All there is the Wirex Robot, not answering any questions!
I want my money back!

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Hello there @Jame1987 , I’m really sorry about you experience. Can you please share your latest ticket reference number so that chase it up for you?

Thank you for your continued patience.

Our of all the crypto companies that popped up over last few years Wirex is by far the worst. Locking up all uk accounts without letting customers know. Accounts have been locked up for up to 18 months. Help desk just parrot the same old lines. In the UK Wirex has pushed the boundaries of what is legal.

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Lol yeh sure