Wirex is still trading?

Send out 0.00267 pay 0.000351 commission. From blockchain only 0.0000542. In what consist this 20% of commission?

Case 2) i had 250,80 eur, change 42.5 eur to bitcoin with comm of 0,43 cents at the end of exchange I had 249,71 euro. I loose other 0.66 cents and don’t know why. If I pay 0,43 cent of comm after the change I must had 250,37 not 249,72. When I doing change the number had a bug I film it on iPhone. When I can report bug?

Hello there. That’s all blockchain fee. Please check here for more information: https://wirexapp.com/help/article/my-blockchain-fee-is-too-high-why-what-should-i-do-0079

Also, please remember that if you got your funds crypto, the FIAT prices will fluctuate according to the market. More information here: https://wirexapp.com/help/article/the-amount-of-crypto-i-exchanged-differs-from-the-usd-eur-gbp-value-0059

You can check Wirex live rates here >> https://wirexapp.com/live-rates


These are network fees & NOT Wirex commissions! :laughing:

Nice article

Is possible to display blockchain fee? My capital must be= capital -commission-blockchain fee. When I exchange my euro in bitcoin is possible to see the amount of blockchain fee? Or this blockchain fee it is like @wirexbot roll. ‘’1+1=2 not 1+1+?=?’’

Hi there Oleg, I will definitely pass this on to the team. Thanks for the suggestion.

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