Wirex is the new mtgox : exit sc*m : complain against wirex

17 weeks that i receive again an id verification ask that i failed
17 weeks my account is block and close
wirex keep my btc and withdraw it to an other wallet
17 weeks that i beg tat they send me back my money
17 weeks to contact wirex by chat, forum, mail, mp
17 weeks with the same standard responses again and again :
''The relevant team is still looking into your case. We will contact you once there is an update."
'our relevant team is working on the resolution."
'This is now escalated to the highest priority "
“it will be processed as soon as possible.”…

it s ridiculus, not professional, and ILLEGAL

i read here that A LOT of people have the same problem

the relevant team close and block account and keep money and is not responding during MONTHS

it s not the 1st time that i m victim of an exit sc*m, and each time it was like this…

so :

  • some one here receive here a response of the reveleant team that is not a standard response ?
  • some one resolve is block occount problem during the last 4 months ?
    some people make complain against wirex with Ombudsman and FCA, and me too : someone know an other juridiction for complain and force wirex to send us back our money ?
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