Wirex locked my account without warning. Take care of this company!

Almost three months ago, without warning, my account was locked by Wirex. I have sent at least 20 mails to support, all getting a polite answer that " The support team doesn’t have acces to accounts. YOur aaccount is being investigated by onother team. As soon as it is fixed, we will let you know" That is not an answer!!
I have been using wirexapp for several years, I have invested in Wirexapp through “Crowdcube”, I have referred several friends to Wirex, because I was happy with Wirex. And then they treat me like this!!?? I don’t know what they are accusing me of? I have got a sentence without a trial. I told all my friends to take care of this company. Ad advice all you readers here to do the same: Don’t leave massive funds at this company. One day, they will lock your account too without warning!
Jesper from Denmark

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Prove it please. Screenshot the email and share or it was only bla bla bla.
Oleg from Isis

I don’t have to prove anything to some Oleg. I just want my account back

tor. 10. jun. 2021 21.19 skrev Oleg_Levchuk via Wirex Community - The Latest Feedback & Discussion | Wirex <wirexapp@discoursemail.com>:

I remember your nickname you scam. my BTC now I understand why they block you :wink: give me back my btc :slight_smile:

Anybody know who this “Oleg” is? He doesn’t seem sane? Oleg: Please stop yourself. I wrote this to Wirex to show my confusion about a lost account. Not to discuss with somebody I don’t know- and who doesn’t know me.

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