Wirex locked my account without warning. Take care of this company!

Almost three months ago, without warning, my account was locked by Wirex. I have sent at least 20 mails to support, all getting a polite answer that " The support team doesn’t have acces to accounts. YOur aaccount is being investigated by onother team. As soon as it is fixed, we will let you know" That is not an answer!!
I have been using wirexapp for several years, I have invested in Wirexapp through “Crowdcube”, I have referred several friends to Wirex, because I was happy with Wirex. And then they treat me like this!!?? I don’t know what they are accusing me of? I have got a sentence without a trial. I told all my friends to take care of this company. Ad advice all you readers here to do the same: Don’t leave massive funds at this company. One day, they will lock your account too without warning!
Jesper from Denmark


I don’t have to prove anything to some Oleg. I just want my account back

tor. 10. jun. 2021 21.19 skrev Oleg_Levchuk via Wirex Community - The Latest Feedback & Discussion | Wirex <wirexapp@discoursemail.com>:

I remember your nickname you scam. my BTC now I understand why they block you :wink: give me back my btc :slight_smile:

Anybody know who this “Oleg” is? He doesn’t seem sane? Oleg: Please stop yourself. I wrote this to Wirex to show my confusion about a lost account. Not to discuss with somebody I don’t know- and who doesn’t know me.

Can anybody help us unlock our wirex account please? Or just get our money back atleast? :sleepy::pray:

Support can’t help. I’ve been locked out for 6 months. Support just answers, that " it’s handeled in another department".

Hello @TashaUNEQ,

Let me inform you that your request is still being processed by our relevant team and we will update you directly via the ticket once it is done.


How do people chat with support? I read there’s a live chat with support but i cannot find this anywhere? Sick of emailing the bots. Please someone help


You can chat a live support or agent at the wirex app.

Hello there :pray: @TashaUNEQ

You can create one here " Wirex relevant team will get it touch with you.

Raise a support ticket, post the ticket nu. here & it will get attended too! Yes live chat is available on the desktop version of the Wirex app

Log in to wirex app from the web, you will see the chat icon.
Follow the step and you can connect to an agent.

Hello @kanoten,

To my regret, we have not heard yet from the department in charge, and in spite of my willingness to help, there is no way to influence the matter. I feel your disappointment with this situation. However, as a part of the support team, there is less I can do. I apply your patience.

Best Regards!

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My account has now been blocked for 73 days for no valid reasons.

It is unacceptable

Why is it taking so long to unlock !!!

Already I would like someone to explain to me why my account has been blocked

and why your services are not responsive

My account is blocked supposedly for security reasons with more than 3500 € of blocked funds

I submit several tickets per week and I always get the same answer…

I’m in the same situation. My account has been locked for 8 months and I can’t get an explanation from anybody at Wirex. If anybody had the idea, that Wirex is a serious player in this game- forget it. I used to be fund of Wirex, I invested in the company through Crowdcube, so I was really surpriced when they apparently banned me without telling me why. Support claims to have no contact to “the relevant department” as they call it. They tell me, that my account has been locked for “security reasons”. If they have so massive security problems, that they have to lock peoples accounts without warning, then nobody can trust this company.


@kanoten The issue has been escalated to our Support team. Please, note that you will be updated via email as soon as possible.

Kind regards!

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Did you got any news?

Yesterday I got some kind of an answer: They tell me, that I somehow have violated terms and conditions, but they will not tell me in what way. So they have closed my account with no further explanation. Goodbye Wirex


Same story. - So now you are just waiting for your refund?

Me too! At first unable to login, then blocked permanently without any reason and ofcourse they cannot tell me why!
They asked for addresses fore money back but i’m still waiting …
Terrible business.

Now i’m in talking with financial ombudsman about this scam company!

All of you can do this too. Thats all we can do in such situation.

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