🔄 Wirex Maintenance - Update feed

Hello everyone, :wave:t4:
I inform you that Wirex is in maintenance in some services!

Please note new updates that will be resolved shortly, services will be available again :slightly_smiling_face:

And you will find the link below to see the current status!


Thank you for your understanding. :cherry_blossom:


There is currently a iussie with XLM/WXT transfers:

Thank you for your understanding!

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Is the maintenance over? I am trying to upload funds through my debit card but no transaction goes through.


Hello good morning :blush:

Sorry sir but until now wirex is still under maintenance. Our support team will update you once they solved this.

Thank you for your concern.
Have a nice day.
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My post is 3 days old, so the maintenance has been over for a while.

I can provide you with a screenshot below


Regarding transactions, sometimes there are big problems but that’s another different service, other customers don’t have this problem, it depends on the moment.

Try contacting support by requesting a ticket or contacting directly on the wirex app.

Thank you. :cherry_blossom:


Could the maintenance have introduced an issue with too many redirect when loading website (wirexapp dot com)? I cannot load website because off too many redirects the browser says? tried different devices and different browsers (firefox and chrome)?

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