Wirex Mastercard Card Fees

So I keep getting emails from Wirex exhorting me to apply for the new Wirex Mastercard. The email states " Not to mention additional benefits such as send money to contacts, ZERO monthly fees & so much more! "

I go to order a card, I have to accept the cardholder agreement. I follow the link, and read: Section 11, fees and limits. There’s a link to the fees and limits page. I go there, and the first service is General Account Service, fee for maintaining the account, €1.20/month!

However it says this is Wirex VISA card account - I can find nothing about the Mastercard account. So do these fees and limits apply to the Mastercard?

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Yeah, I think they are going to do release, of the new app. They also switching to the mastercard. And looks like they are not synced. I think with mastercard there will be no monthly fees. But now at least for EU, asking for mastercard cost me 7.99 Euro. But I read once they release new app (probably 03/2021) they will introduce 3 plans : Standard, Premium and Elite. If you already have some WRX tokens, you will be able to try for free Premium plan. And if you have premium plan you can order mastercard for free. So maybe wait with ordering of master card. But who knows. It is little bit mess right now before release. I am just trying to put things together from support pages…