Wirex Merchandise

We want our customers and clients to represent Wirex wherever they go, so we want to hook you up with all the merch!

What do you want to see? T-shirts? Water bottles? Luggage Tags?

Drop your suggestions below and we’ll start producing!

Create a live chat in the app, it is way too much stress to contact wirex, it shoudnt feel this unsafe to use wirex. Live chat only people with real problems will message instead of people getting scammed everywhere! I dont even know why this hasnt been implemented. Support for Wirex is the worst I have ever experienced In my life !!


Nice metal water bottles - I use water bottles all the time.
Maybe beach towel or a smaller one for gym.
A cap, but the classic “dad” cap which is so lame it’s actually cool. :slight_smile:
Canvas tote bags are good, use them as a carry bag and for shopping / the beach…

I like the luggage tag idea, a passport case which has the insert for cash and to hold cards also.

This style of bag is also really good

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What’s the status on cool Wirex Merchandise?!

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Eco friendly Fairtrade products… daily essentials
Would be good as it reflects Company intentions towards Planet and people

Hey this dosn really fit in here but i ant find the rigt spot for it.

Im working in refferal business and id like t promote wirex with my ref link.
due to i do it online via backlinks and puplik links its not a god idea for me to use my ref links.
in there is written my full name. can you please add a fnction to chosse if the name is displyed or not?