Wirex mobile app feature suggestions

Hey team and fellow wirexers!
Just wanted to make a thread for suggestions on the app.

• auto sort option by amount/value for wallets
• vertical recent transaction scrolling rather than the horizontal swiping.
• ability to name linked cards if more than one is linked

Will add more as I come across other things… :slight_smile:
Keep up the great work!

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hello, the forum gives me a permission error when opening a dedicated topic, so i’ll just append it here since it sounds perfectly on topic.

it would be very useful to have some market price charts (even if very simple) to have a quick overview of the market status when exchanging money from one currency to another.

i know that wirex is not a trading platform, in fact this request is just driven by my personal need to have a quick and simple overview of the recent (usually monthly and yearly) market history before making a conversion for my long term deposits


Bank statement feature as I seen other useres requested this also. :slight_smile:

An OTP feature within the app so I can confirm online purchases when I’m overseas or a hardware token.

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Address book.
Would be good to be able to setup addresses we frequently use and save them so we don’t have to enter all the details every time we want to transfer crypto…

Thanks! :blush:

Integrating FIO protocol https://fioprotocol.io would solve the problem of address book and sending coins to the wrong wallet. It would also help in onboarding newbies to Crytpo by providing them with easy to remember “account name” for receiving all Cryptocurrencies

Yeah I thought the same by long time cause the charts are a bit different from an ex to another ex. I know that is just a wallet for card use but It could be useful to keep monitoring my crypto anyway