Wirex new card mastercard

Since when will it be possible to order the MASTERCARD ?? TRUE, THERE WILL NO FEES FOR WITHDRAWALS FROM THE ATM.

Hi @Freecash,

the new Wirex Mastercard still need to be announced, this will be communicated over all platforms shortly. If you follow Wirex on Instagram or Facebook, you should be fine.

No fees at the ATM from Wirex side is true, still, depending which bank atm you use, specific ones can charge you. E.g. Euronet in Austria.


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Hi, once the new Mastercard will be available what happens with the Visa card that I own? I’d like to keep just the new one…

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Hi @Anthonio,

my clue is, that once anyone will order the new issued Mastercard, it will replace the old card. Like when a credit card get expired, it will be replaced by the new issued one.

Still, i am just guessing. Let’s wait what the support team will answer.


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Yes, I hope so, I couldn’t get the benefits of no monthly fee If that would not be the case as keeping the old Visa would still require that…I suppose it is liked to the new card issuer that might not be Contis Financial anymore but AS LHV Pank…let’s wait for a feedback, thanks!

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I’m a little confused…

The current Crowdcube investment round is offering a bunch of incentives to investors:
APR on WXT balance
Free cash withdrawals
Etc etc…

Concurrently, customers are getting emails (September 17th) saying when the “Rewards 2.0” program and new Mastercard launch these “incentives” will be available soon anyway.

My questions are:
I f you currently hold the WXT balance for the tiered rewards and then invest in Wirex as well, what is in it for me?
Ultimately, would I not be better pulling my money out of WXT and buying more shares, or not buying the shares and just buy more WXT for the 6% APR? And if I do both (buy shares and hold WXT), I’m ultimately being penalised, surely?
This is assuming I’m an investor with less than the £2500 top tier investment or top tier WXT holding level.

As far as I see it other than getting “Investor” written on a shiny new debit card, and the possible benefits of the shares rocketing, the incentives are more to attract users/customers than for investors, or are the two “schemes“ offering the same thing to separate groups?

Please clarify, I’m sure I’m not the only one to identify the obscure nature of offering as perks what you are saying is going to be the general norm for all.

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Das würde mich auch interessieren interessante Frage lg

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Das würde mich auch interessieren interessante Frage lg

Or is this a deliberate ploy by Wirex to reduce the value of WXT and therefore the cost of the rewards program?

If everyone pulled their WXT and put it into Shares (in Fiat) this capital would be more easily accessible and accountable for Wirex - the effect being that the WXT rate would plummet and the advertised incentive %APR on WXT would cost much less to provide - 6% of WXT worth €0.0001 is less than 6% of WXT worth €0.01! …WIN WIN for Wirex, no?

I’ve noticed people are already buying WXT to capitalise on the “interest”, I’m not sure this is wise…

Again @Pavel_Wirex @Wirex @Wirexapps please clarify quickly and or “rethink” before a lot of people get very annoyed!

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