Wirex New Token And X-Accounts Should List? 👀

Let see your opinion guys !

  • WXT
  • ADA
  • SOL
  • DOT
  • DOGE
  • LUNA
  • BCH
  • ALGO
  • ICP
  • FIL

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This will help wirex to improve and give a better services.

Also you can earn 16% APY on X-accounts ,

What do you think ?
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Adding new tokens on X-Account is a great idea, we have lots of potential token to choose from and of course I’d love to see the main star WXT on X-Account. :heart:

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Wxt is on :fire:

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we would like the doge and the mana token! For an autonomous country with own currency where japanese dogs are tolerated​:hugs::grin:

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What a good choice "

I like that hahaha, :sunglasses::tada:

it is already used by X-Accounts internally, and I would much prefer to use it than fiat

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Nice to hear it from you brk.

WXT need to be long in X-Accounts


I love it :heart: