Wirex Payment Card Update


Testing one two; we’re on main net.


Nice. Any news about the rollout for rest of us?


Rollout will start within 14 days on a country by country basis. People on the waiting list will be prioritised; and you can move up the waiting list by affiliate referrals! Keep on our community forum, and social media to get the country by country release dates and the latest product updates.

I just made an order off Amazon with the beta card; the merchant tag will look better in the official roll out.


Alright. Merchant icons aren’t exactly necessary in my opinion, you can have a few generic icons for clothing stores and normal stores and that should be fine.
By the way you censored the last 4 digs for nothing, we can still see them in the transaction section of the app


Also the webapp needs some updates, you guys forgot to add texts for these classes:


Did it go away after you refreshed the Web page?


Edit the second post as well(second screenshot that you posted)
And yes it did update.


What are the new unverified account limits and are plastic cards involved in the current roll out?


Hey @Abdullah_Rangoonwala, those are good questions.

Unfortunately I don’t personally know the answer in much detail; but I will be interviewing the man that has lead the team working extremely hard to build and bring you this Solution.

If you’d like me to ask him for you, post your question here and people will be able to vote on it too:
Interview with Wirex Founder


Amazon order paid for with Wirex has arrived!!


What next im looking forward to seeing the results


Have you tried using Android / Apple Pay with the virtual card?


Unfortunately doesn’t work with the virtual card, just tried it. Don’t know if it will work with the contactless debit card.


Virtual Cards are days away; but as the physical contactless plastic cards are being manufactured; and they won’t be released until later (5-6 weeks); what do you guys think of the packaging?


can someone point out to me the difference between
wirex contactless card and wirex payment card


There are three types of payment card offerings that will be offered by Wirex.

A Virtual Payment card.

A contactless Physical Payment card; that will allow you to make contactless payments (Only in GBP but EUR will be added soon).

A pre-paid debit card similar to the original Wirex card will be made available for other currencies.


Thankyou raphael for the quick reply,

May I know when the pre-paid debit card will be made available?


After first release it will be the USD and EUR, but more currencies will be added.

After more currencies are added; IBAN numbers and Account details will be added to compliment the cards!


yeah. When will it be available??


I don’t have an exact time-frame; but it is a priority. I can only say that it will happen ASAP!
I will try and get some more info!