Wirex Payment Card Update

ok. Thankyou
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So it could be that we have to wait 5-6 weeks more to get a physical card?

We hope sooner. We are doing everything in our power to get you guys a solution as soon as possible!

Do you know anything about the limits or we have to wait until the interview is done?
Also when the interview will be done and posted?

a last question, do you know when an address change can be done? I wait since January to get my address changed and nothing happened.

By the way, cool package for the card. Haven’t seen such a unique package in a long time.

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Have you raised a support ticket ?


yes, it’s # 341190

Checking this for you.

Seems like you’ve been having fun

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Soon you will be too! I am testing it with as many merchants as possible; are there any you would like me to test?

Unfortunately there is a technical restriction and we cannot update the residential address of verified users at this moment. We have recently implemented a new verification procedure. But it should be fixed soon. I will provide you with details as soon as I know them.

Try purchasing something from g2a,twitch,Microsoft Azure and google cloud. For azure and cloud just signing up is enough as if they detect that it is a prepaid/they cant place a small charge the card will be declined and you wont be able to finish the sign up.

I have mentioned twitch as they are using one of the biggest payment processors and g2a because they switched to their own a year ago.

Wish me luck!

So I got this after I entered my card details :heart_eyes:

And then…

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They did charge me 35p extra to process payment.

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Nice. If you are able to successfully sign up for the Azure free trial or Google Cloud free trial it should work everywhere.

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yeah thats cool Thank you mr raphael