Wirex Payment Card Update

Can’t wait for it to be here. Good job Wirex …

Next Test…
Can you guess what I got with Wirex?


Virtual Card currently doesn’t work with google. BUT; that’s not to say that the physical cards won’t.

Are you sure it is a debit? My bank issues virtual cards and they work just fine with google cloud.

I will have to check; what bank is that?

you can always check if it is a prepaid or not, first 8 numbers are representing the card type,issuer and bank linked to them.
First 8 numbers are the same for everyone.

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This is what I got; it’s definitely a Debit Card.

Alright then that’s on google’s backend. They probably work by a whitelist.

Is The virtual cards ready yet in the uk

March rollout plans!!!

what about african countries no cards for us or what

You could have given an update concerning the physical cards.
Mid-May is not bad what so ever.

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Great to hear. Do you have your own European banking licence or are you using a European clearing bank that is progressive when it comes to crypto? I’ve been using Revolut for a while and now hit their threshold, providing the additional information they require and more importantly to understand is proving challenging.

Will this be a problem for Wirex when withdrawals become available?

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I have my virtual card and currency account right now, I know cards third-party top up is not yet implemented but I was wondering if I can link my Wirex currency accounts IBAN to third-parties ( PayPal ) and withdraw funds from PayPal to my Wirex currency account? Like if it’s possible to load Wirex currency accounts with PayPal ?

You can indeed; I have just topped up my Wirex GBP currency account with GBP from PayPal!


Further roll out of virtual cards:
Mar 26 All German, French and Italian users + verified ‘general’ of Spain (in-app+website)
Mar 27 All Spain

Mar 29 - verified top list users from the rest of the EEA
Mar 30 - verified ‘general’ list users from the rest of the EEA (in-app and website)
Apr 3 - all users from the rest of the EEA
The rest of the EEA includes the following countries:
Romania, Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Sweden, Portugal, Greece, Croatia, Poland, Bulgaria, Republic of Cyprus, Norway, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Denmark, Ireland, Slovenia, Hungary, Finland, Latvia, Slovakia, Estonia, Malta, Luxembourg, Lichtenstein, Iceland

Well yea only if your PayPal account is U.K. based! I can’t add Wirex currency accounts “account number” and “sort code” to PayPal cause I have a Italy based PayPal account. I tried to add Wirex currency accounts IBAN but this messages shows up

I see; thank you for your feedback; in the coming months we will be releasing EU currency accounts also. And this may change the situation. Apologies for the inconvenience.

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Thank you Raphael
I’d appreciate it if you could ask these kind of questions (topping up) from the CEO and update us on this.
I personally believe in Wirex and what the team is trying to achieve.

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