Wirex Payment Card Update


Comment créer une carte bancaire



PHYSICAL CONTACTLESS CARDS ARE HERE IN THE UK :uk: - and they’re better than your traditional bank card.

Wirex now offers the first UK Visa debit card, funded securely and instantly through your Wirex crypto wallets. Cards are available in GBP, EUR and USD :pound::euro::dollar:

What are you waiting for ORDER ONE NOW!



When I upgraded from a Virtual GBP account to a plastic card. My sort code and account number changed without me knowing.

And I had set up monthly recurring payments with my bank and they sent a payment this month to the old sort code and account number. How do I get my money to my new sort code and account number that Wirex changes without my knowledge!

Ticket number: 432235

Very disappointed


Hey Ivan; I will chase this up for you. Thank you for your patience; we are working on improving this experience.


When are you going to support Google Pay?